Kyneton Renovation

Kyneton renovation was providing a new decking to the front section of the house and alfresco.

The vaulted ceiling has a carpola roof with windows installed to allow for light in to the existing extension and at night has a chandelier to light the room. This brining together the previous extension and the main part of the house together. Providing a vaulted ceiling and new wood fire heater between the existing house and the old extension.

The old extension where the bathroom once was, has been turned in to two new ensuite to accomodate the master bedroom and bedroom 1. A new walk in robe has been installed to both master bedroom and bed 1 with carpet to finish off the floor coverings.

Before & During Renovations

  • 1.renovation project exterior before
  • 2.renovation project before
  • 3.residential renovation exterior decking
  • 4.renovation project
  • 5.renovation exterior in progress
  • 6.home renovation roof
  • 6.renovation project exterior in progress
  • 8.renovation project in progress
  • 9.home renovation project interior

The Results

  • 1.residential renovation project exterior decking
  • 2.residential renovation project exterior
  • 3.home renovation project exterior
  • 4.bathroom renovation shower
  • 5.bathroom renovation project
  • 6.bathroom renovation
  • 7.fireplace after
  • 8.renovation light ceiling
  • Interior entrance renovation